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Connecting You to the World, Seamlessly

Your Trusted Partner for Global Connectivity

At Roamability, we understand the power of connection. In today’s world, staying connected across borders is crucial for your customers. That's where we come in.


We're a US-based global connectivity enabler, providing industry-leading eSIM and DMI solutions since 2015. As of October 2023, we are now part of a tier 1 mobile operator, further strengthening our capabilities and commitment to the industry.


Simplifying Global Roaming

Our mission is simple: we aim to make international roaming services seamless, affordable, and accessible for everyone. We believe that borders shouldn't limit your communication or business potential. That's why we offer a range of forward-thinking services:

Dynamic Multi IMSI (DMI) for MNOs/Full Core MVNOs

eSIM platform

Global network partnerships


Why Roamability?

At Roamability, we believe that staying connected shouldn't be limited by borders. That's why we offer unmatched global coverage with access to over 700 networks worldwide. With us, your users can roam with confidence, knowing they'll always be connected.


We also understand that the global market is dynamic. That's why we were founded – to offer a platform that empowers businesses with end-to-end control and flexibility. We help organizations enjoy peace of mind knowing they can deliver seamless connectivity solutions to their customers in today’s fast-paced world.

More Than Connectivity, A Partnership

We go beyond just providing connectivity. Our team offers seamless brand integration, allowing you to white-label our solutions and maintain complete control over the end user experience. We pride ourselves on offering our clients a consistent and unified experience capable of reflecting your unique brand values and building trust with your customers.

As your business evolves, your needs change. Our flexible offerings can seamlessly adapt to your growth, ensuring you always have the solutions you need. Limitations? Not with us. We partner with our clients to help them grow with confidence, knowing they have a partner who can support their success every single step (or connection) along the way.

Looking Ahead – Innovating for You

As we expand our reach and refine our solutions, one principle remains constant: you. With each innovation, and each tailored solution, we're driven by empowering you with the industry's leading eSIM solutions. Together, let's break down borders and build a closer world, one better connection at a time.

Our team

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Yehi Benshoshan

Founder and President of Roamability, Yehi brings 10+ years of mobile roaming industry experience. Prior to his founding of Roamability and Nexuce, Yehi developed, managed, and sold a successful US-based rural mobile operator company.

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Eytan Bar

As an ambitious business executive with extensive management experience, Eytan is an expert in successful strategy and business development.

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Larry Zabriansky

As our leader of Sales and Business Development, Larry brings numerous years of experience in helping telecom startups maximize sales, partnerships, and revenue.

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