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  • Attending MWC Barcelona

    MWC Barcelona 2024– the largest mobile event in the world – is almost upon us, and if you’re heading to the annual show, now’s the time for some crucial last-minute prep. With more than 100,000 visitors and more than 2,300 brands and companies descending on the vibrant city, this guide will help you survive the madness. Whether you’re an MWC newbie or you’ve been more times than you can remember, follow these simple tips so you don’t get caught out. Let's meet there :)

  • Telecom giant is expanding its global reach with the landmark acquisition of Roamability

    In a significant move that marks a pivotal moment in its global expansion, leading Israeli telecommunications company Pelephone has recently acquired Roamability, a company specializing in global eSIM-based roaming solutions within the cellular sector. This strategic acquisition represents Pelephone's first foray into the international market, solidifying its position as a key player in the rapidly evolving telecommunications landscape. At the heart of the acquisition is Roamability's cutting-edge platform, which is designed to facilitate global eSIM-based roaming services for companies and organizations. Acting as an international switch, the platform boasts extensive roaming agreements, a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, and a dynamic pricing structure. This infrastructure empowers any company to seamlessly connect and offer comprehensive end-to-end roaming services on a global scale. With operations in both Israel and the United States, Roamability operates in two crucial capacities. The Israeli branch focuses on developing a platform that facilitates the trading of roaming agreements, while the US branch is dedicated to marketing packages using unique technological capabilities.

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